5 Reasons why Sneakers are a Great Addition to your Wardrobe

5 Reasons why Sneakers are a Great Addition to your Wardrobe

From street style to runway, sneakers have truly worked their way up in the fashion industry. Nowadays, you can’t open a fashion magazine without spotting at least a couple of models dressed in the most feminine outfits… together with a pair of shiny kicks on their feet. Lots of bloggers seem to be fan, and I myself have to plead guilty on this one too. Though sneakers have always had a place in my wardrobe, I admit that I like them now more than ever. My current favourites are my classic white Converse and Nike’s. To expand my modest collection, I’d like to add a pair of retro grey New Balance to the party.

Ok, so we’ve established we all like kicks, now here are my five reasons why I think sneakers can be a great addition to any wardrobe:

[1.] They can add a casual and playful touch to your outfit. A suit mixed up with a pair of kicks? Maybe not for something formal, but style-wise, hell yes! Paired with some fancy Cutler and Gross sunglasses, definitely!

[2.] They’re comfortable and easy to walk in. A quick run to catch a train or bus? Not a problem, at all!

[3.] Sneakers don’t need much breaking in. We all want to wear our new shoes immediately, preferably without the risk of sore feet.

[4.] Scuff or scratch? No worries, makes them look totally awesome. Especially works for All Stars.

[5.] Hello freedom! You don’t have to constantly worry about where you walk or damaging your shoes. You can go anywhere you want, no restraints.

What do you think about sneakers?