Madden NFL 21 – ESPN Proud Broadcaster of Madden Bowl: Draft Edition

Madden NFL 21 – ESPN Proud Broadcaster of Madden Bowl: Draft Edition

When sports broadcast giants, ESPN has decided to partner up with Madden NFL 21 to air the Semi-Finals and Finals of the ongoing Madden Bowl: Draft Edition, you know things are really looking up for the game!

From May 2nd to May 4th, live recording sessions of the ongoing video game tournament will be up and televised on the official ESPN website as well as their mobile app platforms too.

If you are not subscribed to ESPN though, you can still watch the live telecast by visiting Madden NFL 21’s official Twitch and YouTube accounts as well.

This is definitely a move which could potentially help boost awareness, hype and gamers’ attention again, presumably in hopes of securing enough gridiron interest for the inevitable release of Madden NFL 22 later this year.

Madden Bowl: Draft Edition is a major video game tournament which offers participating teams a chance of winning portions of its massive $330,000 prize pool!

Eight teams of professional Madden NFL 21 players will duke it out amongst each other to lay claim on the penultimate prize winning of $150,000 as team champion.

Details of the participating team can be seen below:

  • Team Spoto
    • Spoto (Captain)
    • Dcroft
    • Too Tenacious
  • Team Jwall
    • Jwall (Captain)
    • Fancy
    • DatBoi

Team Prodigy

  • Prodigy (Captain)
  • CleffTheGod
  • Chiggs

Team Henry

  • Henry (Captain)
  • Wesley
  • Immrrightnow

Team Dusty

  • Dusty (Captain)
  • Noah
  • KMAC

Team Ape

  • Ape (Captain)
  • Alan
  • Sixth Sense

Team Pavan

  • Pavan (Captain)
  • SpamminButtons
  • Vohes

Team Drini

  • Drini (Captain)
  • Jonbeast
  • So Not Gucci

As a casual Madden NFL 21 player though, we can always showcase our innate video gaming skills in a much friendlier yet still competitive form under the Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) game mode.

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