Missing Something Lovable then watch ‘Lover’ Movie Online at Aha

Missing Something Lovable then watch ‘Lover’ Movie Online at Aha

Why do we like romance movies online?

Is there any specific reason?

Watching romantic story movies online will get us relieved and entertained. Is it right?

It is the best time to make your life normal from a corona panic situation with must-watch romance movies online. Upcoming hero Raj Tarun’s Lover is the romantic drama based movie and acted along with female lead Riddhi Kumar.

Is your post-lockdown films watchlist contains with must-watch south Indian movies online

In this present generation, the love stories are receiving huge appreciation, and young audiences reachability more than action movies. The youth audiences have been watching love movies more. Film directors are also directing movies with formulaic romantic stories. Add love stories to this month your watchlist, and make sure to watch romance movies online.

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Here is the movie ‘Lover’, where you can get the best love story in a beautiful version. You are advised to watch this beautiful movie online at aha videos.

  1. Genre: Romantic
  2. Language: Telugu
  3. Format: (streaming online video)
  4. Watchable Devices: The movie is available to watch on supported devices
  5. Available on: Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Android or iOS devices, and Smart TVs, etc.
  6. Where to watch online: Aha OTT.

Watch to know Plot of ‘Lover’ romantic movie online at Aha Streaming

The movie Lover was directed by Anish Krishna under the production of Dil Raju. The movie describes the beautiful love story between the lead roles, Raj Tarun, and Riddhi Kumar.

Upcoming hero Raj Tarun is named Raj, who is a bike mechanic in the movie where the movie runs around his life and his love story. Actress Riddhi Kumar is named as Chaitra who played a Malayali nurse in the movie. Raj is a normal guy, and he dreams of going abroad, but in a while, he gets injured. His brother takes him to the hospital for treatment. There Raj sees Chaitra and falls in love with her.

Finally, Chaitra accepts his love, and they enjoy their love. Meanwhile, Chaitra goes to her native town, and Raj also follows her. He meets Chaitra in her hometown. Chaitra introduces him to her mother. What happens next?

To know the answer to this question, you have to watch the Lover film. The movie is currently streaming on Aha OTT. Watch today, this love genre movie.


Director: Anish Krishna

Producer: Dil Raju

Music Director: Ajay Vas

Actor: Raj Tarun

Actress: Riddhi Kumar

Other characters: Ajay, Rajiv Kankala, Praveen

Release date: 20th July 2018

Here’s why Lover movie is one of the must-watch south Indian movies online

If you have missed it already, then make sure this weekend with this must-watchable. There are many reasons why everybody should not miss Raj Tarun’s Lover movie online.

Watch romance movies online at Aha OTT now!

You can be thrilled by watching the beautiful love story of Raj and Chaitra, where they love each other. After many obstacles, they both get married, and their love gets success.